Mindful Ted ‘One Thing at a Time’ (a review)…

The postman delivered a lovely package to Monster House last week, containing a CD copy of  Mindful Ted ‘One Thing at a Time’  (Audio Story and Story Companion) 


‘Mindful Ted is a bear with an open heart and a peaceful mind who lives life in a kind, loving and compassionate way, inspiring others to do so too.’

The CD sleeve (front) features a lovely illustration of Mindful Ted himself, a very friendly looking bear wearing a stripy scarf and carrying a bag with his initials on the front, which we thought was particularly endearing! On the back is:

* A detailed description of the story ‘One Thing at a Time’, in which the listener ‘joins Mindful Ted as he visits his good friend Juggling Jimmy Johnson’ and finds him in a bit of a pickle…’

* An explanation of the ‘Story Companion’ in which you can expect to discover ‘…the SECRETS to being able to do one thing at a time’ and which also ‘shares some other tips and tricks to help you apply them in your day to day life’

* Featured exercises ‘Conscious Breathing’ and ‘Focusing Tips and Tricks’

There is also a detailed list of tracks (including length of tracks) and an outline of what the CD introduces the listener to .

So, Bundle Number One and I settled down on a quiet afternoon, found a comfy spot and got ready for an adventure with Mindful Ted

The story is read in a clear, slow, relaxing style and immediately drew us in (this impressed me as Bundle Number One is very ‘active’ and had previously been running around the room like a tornado…!) The sound effects were excellent as we joined Mindful Ted on a summertime stroll to visit ‘Juggling Jimmy Johnson’, taking in the sights and sounds along the way and Bundle Number One exclaimed ‘I can hear the river!’ 

When we reached Juggling Jimmy Johnson’s’ house, we both couldn’t help giggling at the description of him as he tried to do too many things at once, particularly at the fact he was getting everything in a complete muddle which really appealed to our senses of humour! 

‘One Thing at a Time’ is a very cleverly written story, delivered amazingly well. Bundle Number One sat enthralled throughout (as did I!) and his comments after the story were 

‘That was funny with Juggling Jimmy, he kept messing things up and then he fell in the water!’

‘I wanted some more story but there wasn’t another one’

‘i liked listening to the river’

‘I liked the song because it sounded like Jimmy’

The Story Companion is something was especially curious about and certainly it did not disappoint. we especially liked the fact that it is delivered by the bear himself, which definitely helped keep Bundle Number One interested. He was initially shy about closing his eyes and joining in with the breathing exercises but, after watching me (i peeped!) he did start copying and we were both very relaxed, a lovely shared experience.

I really liked the way in which the whole package was tailored in a way that children can apply to their own everyday rhythm and helpfully suggesting appropriate moments to practice.

We would highly recommend giving Mindful Ted a try, there are more stories coming soon, along with printed copies of the stories 🙂

find Mindful Ted here:  http://mindfulted.com/

Disclaimer: We were kindly sent this product (free of charge) for review. All opinions are our own.


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