happy monkey smoothies review

Something exciting happened today…a parcel arrived!

Having previously responded to a post by Gentle Parenting UK asking for families to review a selection of products, I was pleased to be selected to trial ‘happy monkey smoothies’. The parcel’s arrival was met with much excitement in Monster House…

We received three boxes of the smoothies, each containing four, 180ml ‘pouch’ shaped cartons (with attached straws) of the product in the following flavours;

     Orange and Mango

orange and mango

Apples and Blackcurrants

apples and blackcurrants

  Strawberry and Banana

strawberry and banana

Myself and the Bundles found the packaging to be attractive and fun, with the Monkey theme and pictures of fruit in bright colourful designs, and the product information was clear and easy to follow.

Each 180ml serving of ‘happy monkey smoothie’ is described on the packaging as containing ‘100% fruit’, equaling one ‘full portion’ of fruit. The product information also states that the smoothies contain ‘no ‘bits’, no added sugar, no sweeteners and no additives’.

We tasted all three flavours, orange and mango being the favourite, and I thought the smoothies all had a good consistency (smooth and just like fruit juice) and were fresh and thirst quenching. The size of the pouch was just right, easy to hold for little hands and contained a  generous amount of product. We will definitely now be purchasing ‘happy monkey smoothies’  regularly as they proved very popular here in Monster House!

My only real criticisms of this product would be that I would have preferred the fruit juice used not to be ‘from concentrate’ as a personal preference and I also prefer a thicker textured smoothie. Bundle Number One liked the juice like consistency and I can imagine children more reluctant to eat fruit would probably be happy to drink the smoothies if they are fans of juice!

(please excuse the glitter,  'tis the season...!)

(please excuse the glitter, ’tis the season…!)

Find out more about ‘happy monkey smoothies’ here: http://www.happymonkeysmoothies.com/home

Disclaimer: Although asked to complete a product review by Gentle Parenting UK (via email score sheet) This review is independent to that and contains my personal opinion. I received no financial incentive from any party.


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